Roman Comforts

The best exhibition stand at the Mosbuild Trade Fair, Kaldewei won second place at the highly reputable competition.

As far back as the ancient Greek and Roman times, bathing was an integral
part of life. Many spas emerged in different areas including Cologne shortly
after the Roman conquests. The so-called thermal baths were meeting places
for pastimes.

Spas also had their place. Probably the most prestigious Roman physician of his time, Rufus of Ephesus recommended the use of Laconium as well as steam baths as a way of  finding well being.

At the international trade fair venues, the original idea of the ancient spa is stylishly staged.

Whirlpool tubs, bathtubs and shower stalls are considered holistic products whilst being presented in their own environment. With this kind of sophisticated three-dimensional staging Kaldewei has won a prestigious prize, more importantly, a new market segment in the international market has been successfully tapped.


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